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Hi everyone! My name is Ally and my blog will be talking about to become more social, outgoing, and how to come out of your element. When I was little up to about a couple years ago I was very shy and kept to myself almost all the time. I avoided people because seeing people meant people are seeing me. Being shy definitely came from a confident issue and I always had low self-esteem. I knew I had a problem but I never wanted to do anything about it until I got into high school and there was no choice. To survive high school you need to be able to be outgoing, friendly, and have the skills to talk to people. I went to therapy to work on my confidence and I also had a life coach. These two people helped me tremendously and I finally learned how to get out of my bubble and conversate with people. It was a slow process but I had much success with it. I want to be able to share my story and help others who struggled with the same things I did.